Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Tell me why I'm wrong

So, I'm Cyrillian Voth - an EVE nobody, really; a space dilettante, settled in Providence, flying with CAIN when I get online, and happy to roleplay when I get a chance. I dabble in the game, and wallow in the meta. In real life I train people to teach English as a foreign language, and do various other odd jobs in language and education.

I'm not an expert on any part of EVE; I just have a thousand ideas about it, many of which are definitely terrible. But I do have an inkling about game design, and I care passionately about making this a better game. More than that, messing around with design principles is how I figure out complex games: "what happens to the game if you change this bit here?" I enjoy the discussions this generates, even when the final answer turns out to be "a nasty mess".

So I'm starting this blog to put some of my ideas out there in the hope that they will get shot down. I want to know why it won't work, to examine the unintended consequences, to understand why these ideas would achieve the opposite of what I have in mind. Bring me your (constructive) feedback! Fire away: tell me why I'm wrong.

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